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September 2016 Archives

Medication errors may lead to patient's death

A man in another state passed away in 2013 after allegedly being administered a drug that caused his death. The man's family in 2015 therefore decided to sue the medical system that gave him the drug. A jury recently awarded the family $10 million in the case. If a person in West Virginia or another state loses a loved one due to medical malpractice -- which may involve medication errors, for example -- he or she has the right to seek to hold the allegedly at-fault medical provider accountable through the civil court system.

Dangerous products from Denon include battery packs

A recall of certain rechargeable battery packs may impact some customers in West Virginia. Specifically, the company Denon recently recalled the HEOS 1 Go Pack because these packs can overheat. These dangerous products therefore pose burn and fire hazards.

U.S. Department of Transportation releases preliminary guidelines for driveless cars

On Monday, a group of federal officials including Jeffrey Zients, Director of the National Economic Council, and Anthony Foxx, Secretary of the US Department of Transportation (DOT), released a 15-point set of guidelines for autonomous vehicle manufacturers.

Target's dangerous property conditions lead to $4.6 million award

A woman in a different state reported that she suffered a needle injury in the parking lot of a Target store back in 2014. She later filed a lawsuit against the major retailer, and a jury recently awarded the woman $4.6 million in the case. Anyone in West Virginia who is injured at a store due to dangerous property conditions has the right to seek to hold that business accountable through the civil court system.

Infections, injuries in nursing homes grounds for lawsuit

A lawsuit was recently filed against a couple of nursing homes in another state. Both nursing homes have been accused of nursing home negligence. When nursing home residents in West Virginia and other states suffer infections and injuries due to their nursing homes' carelessness, the nursing homes may be held liable.

Work-related car accidents: How do I recover from my losses?

If you have been injured in an auto accident while on-the-job, you may be eligible for Workers' Compensation benefits as well as being able to recover compensation from the at-fault driver or other at-fault party. This means that you can start receiving minimal benefits very quickly, without giving up the right to full compensation in the long run. Your situation is more complicated than a regular auto accident, and you need the help of an experienced personal injury attorney to protect all of your legal rights and make sure you receive every penny you are entitled to.

A contusion can be more serious than it seems

When a person sustains a blow to the head, he/she can suffer a brain injury in different ways. A brain contusion is one such common type of brain injury, which is the bruising of the brain tissue. Bruising can occur when small blood vessels get crushed and bleed under the surface of the brain. A contusion can be minor or severe, and may result in heavy swelling or significant swelling. Generally, contusion is considered a more serious injury compared to a concussion, because it involves structural damage to the brain's blood vessels. Proper diagnosis and timely treatment is needed to prevent any dangerous complications and to ensure that the contusion heals properly with causing any long-term damage.

Theater's alleged dangerous property conditions cause injury

A woman in another state has decided to file a lawsuit against a theater after she allegedly suffered an injury there. The woman claimed in her premises liability suit alleging dangerous property conditions that the theater did not take enough to measures to prevent injuries. Any person in West Virginia who is injured on a business property due to the owner's negligence has the right to seek to hold the property owner accountable through the civil court system.

Traumatic brain injury research addresses psychiatric symptoms

A blow to a person's head in West Virginia can cause an injury to the brain that has long-term consequences. Patients who suffer traumatic brain injury often suffer ongoing health problems -- for example, depression or attention deficit disorder. However, not much is known about how these types of symptoms are triggered for some injury victims or how to treat them.

Defective products from Samsung spark recall

An official recall of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7s is underway, which may impact consumers in West Virginia as well as those in other states. Samsung recently shared its own program for recalling and replacing these defective products after receiving reports concerning the phone batteries' potential to explode. However, the company is now working to create an official recall with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Nursing home neglect suit alleging malnutrition, sores settled

A family in another state moved an elderly woman into a nursing home so that she could receive proper care due to her dementia. However, according to her family, the woman ended up suffering from malnutrition and other health issues, which is not uncommon at nursing homes in West Virginia and other states. She eventually died, and her family decided to file a lawsuit against the nursing home in charge of her care. The lawsuit was recently settled.

Recalls of defective medical devices rise in second quarter

Recalls involving medical devices used by patients in West Virginia and other states have increased recently. A new report indicated that recall activity associated with defective medical devices rose by a whopping 38 percent during the second quarter of this year. This makes 2016's second quarter a tie for the highest quarter since the third quarter of 2014.

Traumatic brain injury at young age can have long-term impacts

Recent research has shown that adolescent and childhood injury to the brain in individuals in West Virginia and other states can cause long-term impairments later in life. These impairments associated with brain injury have to do with both social outcomes and health outcomes. Unfortunately, traumatic injury to the brain is considered the leading cause of mortality and disability in people below 45 years old, according to the World Health Organization.

Settled medical malpractice case involves birth injuries

A medical malpractice suit was recently settled outside of West Virginia for $4.25 million. In this case involving birth injuries, a woman ended up losing her twins in the year 2011. The woman claimed that doctors did not properly monitor her for preeclampsia, which caused her to experience a seizure. As a result, her placenta became detached from her womb, and her babies were stillborn. If physicians in West Virginia and other states do not exercise a reasonable degree of care when working with expectant mothers and their babies, they may be held liable for the injuries or deaths that result.

Happy Meal wristbands deemed dangerous products

West Virginia consumers whose children have received fitness bands in their McDonald's Happy Meals may be impacted by a recall involving these bands, which is one of several recalls issued recently in the United States. Millions of the fitness bands are considered dangerous products because they might cause burns, as well as skin irritation to children. McDonald's recently said it would quit distributing these bands.

Case involving alleged dangerous property conditions settled

A McDonald's restaurant in another state was blamed for an alleged fall leading to an injury. However, that premises liability lawsuit alleging dangerous property conditions was recently settled. If a person in West Virginia is injured on a business property due to the carelessness of the business owner, it is within his or her rights to try to hold that business owner accountable in civil court.

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