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Brain Injuries Archives

Even mild brain injury can cause brain cells to swell

When a motor vehicle crash occurs in West Virginia, an accidental bump of the head can naturally occur. If it is severe, such an injury may lead to a concussion. However, new brain injury research found that even a mild injury in the head area can actually produce a temporary, round swelling area within brain cells.

Research shows brain injury linked with dementia

A recent study indicated that traumatic brain injuries are linked to a higher risk for dementia in adults who are working age. However, no link was found between brain injury and the later onset of ALS or Parkinson's disease. The results of the research might play an important role in monitoring and rehabilitating patients with brain injuries in the long term in West Virginia and elsewhere.

Traumatic brain injury patients often suffer from sleep apnea

Researchers are planning to take part in a nationwide study to see if medical devices that patients use at home are able to diagnose sleep apnea. This is particularly helpful research for those in West Virginia and elsewhere who have suffered traumatic brain injury, as sleep apnea often becomes a problem following this type of injury. The study will compare how accurate these home devices are compared to formal lab screenings.

Traumatic brain injury can impact daily life

Head injuries can quickly cause one's functional, life and mental abilities to change dramatically. Traumatic brain injury happen when the brain strikes the skull, which can occur due to a fall or a motor vehicle accident. Unfortunately, brain injuries can happen at any age and just about any place. Many TBI victims live in West Virginia.

Traumatic brain injury in children may lead to attention issues

Injuries to the brain can hamper one's ability to remember information and even cause impulsivity, symptoms that can impact one's quality of life in West Virginia and elsewhere. For parents whose children have suffered traumatic brain injury, their major concern naturally may be what their children will be like a decade from now. Fortunately, researcher have been exploring this topic and are gathering more information about traumatic brain injury's long-term effects.

Lawsuit filed after man dies from traumatic brain injury

A man in another state suffered a brain injury and ended up passing way while under the care of a nursing home. A claim brought by the man's estate claims that the fatal traumatic brain injury, which was caused by a fall, occurred due to the nursing home's negligence. The estate filed a wrongful death claim against the nursing home along with two nurses. It is within the rights of an individual who loses a loved one due to nursing home negligence in West Virginia and elsewhere to seek justice through the civil court system.

New technology may help with detecting brain injury

Brain injuries can take a toll on the ability to recall information or understand new things. As a result, it can have a drastically negative effect on an individual's overall quality of life. However, new technology that is currently being developed specifically for soldiers may soon help medical professionals to detect if individuals have suffered a serious brain injury. While use of this technology is said to be some 18 months away, it may ultimately be helpful in the diagnosis and treatment of some brain injuries in West Virginia and across the United States.

Traumatic brain injury victims benefit from quality sleep

For people in West Virginia and elsewhere who have serious injuries to their brains, researchers have identified a solid link between their recovery and their sleep patterns. Researchers completed a study involving 30 patients who were hospitalized for traumatic brain injury, both its severe and moderate forms. They learned through the study that a patient's brain function improves if his or her sleep quality improves.

Traumatic brain injury may be closed or open

About 1.7 million deaths, visits to the emergency room and hospitalizations happen each year as a result of traumatic injury to the brain. A person in West Virginia can suffer a traumatic brain injury even if he or she is not traveling quickly when he or she hits a hard object. Brain injuries may result from work-related accidents, car accidents and falls.

Brain injury victims might receive help from stem cell therapy

Injury to the brain can have a negative impact on a person's life in West Virginia, such as causing mental confusion and even difficulty sleeping. However, a clinical trial was recently completed that involved using cellular therapy for treating brain injury. With this therapy, in which a person's own stem cells are used, the neuroinflammatory response of the body can be dampened, and the brain's tissue can be preserved.

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