Wage And Hour Claims

Employers have broad discretion over the terms and conditions of employment. However, there are some limits to this discretion; employers must adhere to all state and federal laws protecting the rights of employees - including those governing overtime pay. When employers don't provide overtime compensation as mandated by law, employees can bring wage and hour claims.

At the Warner Law Offices, PLLC we provide skilled legal representation in wage and hour claims. The laws governing overtime compensation ensure that employees are not forced to work extensive hours without being paid fair wages. Although some employees are not entitled to overtime pay, many more are cheated out of wages that they are legally entitled to receive through misclassification, deceptive time-keeping practices or other improper practices.

Regardless of the particular nature of your wage and hour claim, we can effectively represent you. As seasoned attorneys, we provide skilled representation either at the negotiating table or in the courtroom. Our attorneys are aggressive advocates armed with the skill and experience needed to produce results.

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