Whistleblower Claims

The whistleblower law encourages public employees to report the misconduct of employers to the appropriate agencies. While these laws protect employees who file legitimate claims, many whistleblowers face retaliatory conduct from the employer after proceeding with a qui tam action.

Valid whistleblower claims involve reporting an employer for waste or misuse of public funds or for other wrongdoing such as violation of regulations or other laws. When an employee has in good faith reported his or her employer for waste or wrongdoing, the employer is barred from treating the employee unfairly or wrongfully terminating the employee. Our attorneys understand the state and federal protections afforded to employees under whistleblower laws.

Our attorneys are aggressive advocates of our clients' rights. Therefore, when a client has actively pursued his or her right to file a legitimate whistleblower claim, we assert his or her right to be protected from wrongful retaliatory conduct such as:

  • Wrongful termination: We represent employees who have been wrongfully discharged after asserting their right to file a whistleblower claim.
  • Other whistleblower retaliation: We also represent employees who have endured retaliatory conduct at work after filing a whistleblower claim. Retaliatory conduct may include discrimination, decreased compensation, reduction in benefits, disciplinary actions or other wrongful conduct.

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