Unfair Insurance Practices

If you are in the middle of a dispute with your insurance company about its refusal to cover your loss or defend a claim against you, you might be a victim of unfair insurance practices. For the advice of an attorney with extensive experience with the interpretation of insurance policies under West Virginia law, contact the Warner Law Offices in Charleston. We can analyze the facts of your case and the terms of your policy to see whether your insurance carrier might be held liable to you for bad faith denial of coverage.

We represent clients on unfair insurance practices claims that can arise under an auto insurance policy, homeowners coverage, group or individual health coverage, fire insurance or life insurance. While no single one or combination of the following practices by itself necessarily proves that your insurer has dealt with you unfairly, the following tactics all indicate the possibility that the company is dealing in bad faith:

  • Threatening to cancel your policy unless you accept a low settlement
  • Refusing to return your phone calls, letters or emails
  • Failing to provide a plausible reason for denying coverage
  • Delay in paying claims for no apparent reason
  • Errors in handling a claim for uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage
  • Unreasonable denial of the duty to defend you in a lawsuit filed against you
  • Failure to promptly investigate your claim or a claim brought against you
  • Unreasonable delays in paying life insurance benefits
  • Repeated requests for information that have little or nothing to do with your claim

Sometimes insurance companies are justified in refusing to cover a claim for casualty losses in a fire, flood or other water damage, and our experience with insurance policies of all kinds can help you understand whether the insurer was within its rights in your case. If you do have a claim against your insurer based on its unfair practices, we can help you recover your damages.

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