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Husband: West Virginia pedestrian car accident laws useless

| Jun 28, 2012 | Brain Injuries

It isn’t uncommon to hear about motorists disobeying the laws regarding pedestrians. One man in Kanawha County wants to ensure that the laws aren’t just enforced but that stricter laws are put into place. This comes after his wife was struck by a vehicle in 2008 while she was entering a local grocery store. While she did not die from the car accident, she did incur brain and other physical injuries from which she may never fully recover.

Witnesses said that when the woman was struck by the car on New Year’s Day that year, she flew up into the air before landing head first on the pavement. She spent 18 days in intensive care at the hospital, and when she came out of her coma in February, she thought it was still New Years Day. She couldn’t figure out why or how she had come to be in a hospital bed.

She and her husband are thankful that she is alive; however, her life and that of her family has substantially changed. She cannot drive or work and has to rely on others to take her where she needs to go.

Her husband has resigned from his job in order to take care of her. Yet, he complains, the driver who struck his wife never received a citation, did not have a driver’s license or even car insurance. Consequently, he is spearheading a movement for stricter laws regarding pedestrian and auto accidents in West Virginia. Framed by his wife’s story, he has started an online petition that he hopes will achieve his goal of getting legislative change aimed at ensuring drivers are held accountable for negligent actions.

Kanawha County car accident victims, including pedestrians, have the right to pursue personal injury claims and reimbursement of medical expenses and other damages suffered at the hands of a negligent driver. Those who have been victims of such accidents should contact an attorney to explore what options may be available to them.

Source:, “Man wants tougher auto-pedestrian laws after wife is hit,” June 9, 2012