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Kanawha County truck accident critically injures ATV driver

| Jun 1, 2012 | Truck Accidents

The driver of an all-terrain vehicle was critically injured in a truck accident in Kanawha County late last month. The man was reportedly travelling south on Cabin Creek Road near Wet Branch Road when he was struck by a coal truck that was turning off the road. Cabin Creek Road remained closed for several hours that night while an investigation was conducted.

Initially, it was reported that the truck accident was caused when the ATV driver ran into the coal truck. That report was later changed with authorities now saying that the coal truck turned off Cabin Creek Road and hit the ATV.

The truck accident happened around 9:00 p.m. and Kanawha County Sheriff’s Deputies said the ATV driver was driving with no lights on. The coal truck allegedly did not see the other vehicle, and the two collided as the coal truck turned off the road. The ATV driver was taken to a local hospital where at last word he was reported in critical condition.

One Kanawha County Sheriff Deputy said that the man driving the ATV had no insurance and was driving on a revoked license. The age of the injured ATV driver was not given and there is no mention of the reason why his license might have been revoked. It is not clear whether the man is a Kanawha County resident and was driving near his home or whether he happened to be driving in that area for recreation. The deputy also said alcohol may have played a part in the truck accident.

Every time an individual gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle in West Virginia, he or she owes a duty of reasonable care to others in or near the roadway. While initial reports suggest the absence of lights on the ATV played a role in the accident, there remain some unknowns regarding the immediate aftermath of this truck accident.

Due diligence requires a further investigation that likely will include a review of the accident scene, inspection of the damaged vehicles as well as interviews with both drivers in an attempt to determine all of the facts and circumstances which led to this tragic crash.

Source: WSAZ News Channel 3, “UPDATE: ATV Rider in Critical Condition After Crash with Coal Truck,” May 23, 2012