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1 dead in West Virginia motorcycle accident

| Jul 12, 2012 | Motorcycle Accidents

Driving the beautiful highways of West Virginia can be distracting during the day if you aren’t careful. The same lush greenery and rolling hills that make driving in West Virginia beautiful during the day can also make the highways darker than dark at night. On June 22, the night highways were the scene of a car and motorcycle accident that left the driver of the motorcycle dead.

Authorities say the accident occurred around 11:30 p.m. on Route 60 and Alternate Route 10 near Barboursville. The collision reportedly catapulted the driver of the motorcycle off his bike. He was declared dead at the scene. The driver of the car was injured and taken to an area hospital, though the nature and extent of that person’s injuries was not detailed in available news reports.

Riding motorcycles has been characterized as giving the rider freedom. Feeling the wind and the speed on a motorcycle is often cited as being part of what draws people to them. Unfortunately, they are also the same things that make riding on a motorcycle more dangerous than being in a car. When a motorcycle is involved in an accident, the rider doesn’t have the benefit of the safety features that are in cars. As a result, injuries are generally more severe for the motorcyclist than for individuals in cars.

That was certainly the case in this motorcycle accident in West Virginia. Had the rider of the motorcycle been in a car, the injuries sustained might not have been fatal. Regardless, of the relative safety issues, motorcyclists still have every right to be on the road and are due the same courtesy as any motorist.

Because of this crash, two families are now left to pick up the pieces. Whether or not a personal injury or wrongful death action will be filed as a result of this accident remains to be seen and may depend upon the specific findings in the official accident report once it is made public.

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