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West Virginia car accident could have been avoided

| Aug 18, 2012 | Car Accidents

Sometimes the West Virginia roadways can be confusing. Identifying an exit ramp versus an on ramp can sometimes present a challenge to a driver who may not be familiar with the area. However, most of the time, when a driver realizes they are going the wrong way, they immediately correct themselves in order to avoid a car accident.

However, when someone enters a highway on an exit ramp and is traveling down the wrong side of a highway for more than a mile, the supposition may be that something is wrong with the driver of that vehicle. That is what West Virginia authorities suspect with regard to an accident that occurred when a Ford Mustang traveling the wrong way down a highway slammed into a Dodge Charger. Authorities believe the driver of the Ford Mustang had been drinking and driving.

The four occupants of the Dodge Charger and the driver of the Ford Mustang were all taken to an area hospital. One of the occupants of the Charger is in critical condition, one is in satisfactory condition, and the other two are going to be okay. The driver of the Mustang is still in the hospital. Her condition is unknown.

Authorities report that the Mustang driver will be criminally charged in as a result of this car accident. The occupants of the Charger also retain the right to pursue personal injury lawsuits against the driver to recover medical expenses, lost wages and property damages sustained as a result of the crash. Being involved in a car accident can be traumatic for anyone, but the financial impact does not have to remain traumatic as well.

Source:, “Alcohol suspected in I-77 accident that sent 5 to the hospital,” Aug. 7, 2012