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Car accident in West Virginia cuts car in half, driver fled scene

| Oct 10, 2012 | Car Accidents

West Virginia Police investigate hundreds, if not thousands, of accidents every year. After awhile, police may begin to consider most accidents routine. However, every once in awhile, a perplexing car accident happens that leaves authorities baffled.

The Wood County Sheriff’s Department was called to an accident on West Virginia 47 recently. When they arrived, they found a car split in half with no driver. Thinking the driver had been ejected from the vehicle, they searched for about two hours, but never found the driver. The vehicle had hit another car, and the driver and passenger of that vehicle were sent to Camden Clark Medical Center. The 35-year-old set of twins suffered what were initially characterized as non-life threatening injuries.

However, the Wood County Sheriff’s Department still had a mystery on its hands since the driver of the vehicle had not been found. The next morning the mystery driver contacted the Sheriff’s office and told police that he was the driver of the car that had been split in half and that he caused the accident. The Sheriff’s Office has indicated that, once their investigation is complete, the driver will face charges.

Luckily, everyone survived this bizarre car accident, but not without damages. The twins in the car the driver hit undoubtedly have medical bills, property damage, and possibly lost wages as well. They have the right to file personal injury claims against the driver of the vehicle that struck them. They may want to seek advice on how and when to proceed with their case since authorities have not yet completed their investigation and have not yet filed criminal charges against the driver. If a conviction is obtained, proof of it may be relevant to liability issues in a related personal injury action in a West Virginia courtroom.

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