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Authorities investigating fatal crash involving West Virginia man

| Jun 24, 2013 | Truck Accidents

Accidents involving semi-trucks or tractor-trailers can often be very serious. Sometimes those involved in truck accidents are the victims of careless or negligent actions by those who own or operate the trucks involved. Drivers of other vehicles should feel safe on the roads they travel, including other drivers of semi-trucks.

 Authorities are still gathering and reviewing information after an accident involving two semi-trucks left a West Virginia man dead and another man injured. Investigators still haven’t determined the cause of the accident at this point. However, reportedly, the driver of one of the trucks (a Kenworth) was traveling directly behind the other truck (a Freightliner) on the freeway when he struck the back of the Freightliner truck in front him. 

Investigators say that the man in the Kenworth truck was thrown from his cab and pronounced dead at the scene, despite the efforts of a witness who tried to revive him. Troopers who responded to the scene said that the first truck did have its flashing hazard lights on at the time it was rear-ended by the Kenworth truck.

Although the cause of the accident is still under investigation, if authorities determine that the driver of the Kenworth was at fault then that driver and/or the company he worked for could be held accountable for the injuries sustained by the driver of the Freightliner truck when it was rear-ended. They could also be responsible for any damage to the Freightliner truck. It might be a good idea for him to contact an attorney who has experience dealing with truck accidents.

Source: WSAZ-TV, “West Virginia man killed in serious accident in Kentucky,” June 3, 2013