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Defective product in West Virginia may be affecting pregnancies

| Jun 12, 2013 | Dangerous Or Defective Products

Pregnancy is always a difficult time to go through. In addition to future financial stability and an often stressful lack of free time, families must also worry about the baby’s own health and well-being before and after birth. When the news that a common drug such as Zoloft, which is composed of sertraline, may be a defective product resulting in heart defects and other deformities in West Virginia and the surrounding area, it is both understandable and likely that many families become worried.

A mother was forced to experience this form of trepidation first hand when she learned her newly born daughter had an irregular facial composition and an abnormal heart defect. The woman claimed that it was the result of the popular antidepressant sertraline she had been taking during pregnancy. At no apparent point was the soon-to-be mother notified that the drug could have affected her pregnancy.

The unfortunate circumstances surrounding this woman’s pregnancy are not exclusive to her, however. Sertraline is one of the most successful household drugs in the nation, but it has also been gaining a reputation for causing birth defects and other serious irregularities over the years. There has been some speculation that this drug has been irresponsibly advertised for not announcing these dangers to the public.

The mother has filed a claim against the manufacturers of sertraline for not properly warning her of the drug’s possible dangers during pregnancy. She is not alone. West Virginia is just one of many states in which a lawsuit has been filed against the popular drug as pharmaceutical companies are being held more and more responsible for the aftereffects of a defective product.

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