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July 2013 Archives

Dangerous household product may impact West Virginia residents

A dangerous household product can present problems of many different magnitudes. While companies at times attempt to recall a product, usually by the time they do so damage has already been reported. West Virginia residents may want to be aware of a recalled dangerous household product, a dehumidifier.

Federal grant awarded to West Virginia for driver education

Highway safety is a priority for West Virginia’s legislators. The possibility of an injury accident from distracted, reckless, or negligent drivers puts citizens at risk every time they venture out onto the state’s streets and highways. This is especially true in our high tech society where many people own a smart phone and cannot resist texting or connecting to the internet while driving. It takes a distracted driver only seconds to cause a car collision by not paying attention. Moreover, many people fail to use their seat belts or properly strap their children into child safety seats. It is a terrible tragedy when people suffer broken bones, internal injuries, or a brain injury in a car accident that could easily have been prevented by a driver who just took a few extra minutes to observe the rules of the road or utilize common sense precautions.

Woman dies after motorcycle is hit by an SUV

Motorcycle accidents can be very serious. Many West Virginia drivers are aware of motorcyclists on the road, however sometimes drivers of other vehicles overlook motorcycles and don’t give them the necessary respect on the road that they deserve. When that happens the consequences can be devastating.

Dangerous household product may affect West Virginia residents

West Virginia residents may not think of food when they think of a dangerous household product, but a recent recall may be an eye opener to some. Many people have been affected by this dangerous household product. Anyone that consumes cheese could be interested in this recent recall by Whole Foods Market.

Authorities say alcohol played role in serious car accident

Anytime an auto accident occurs in West Virginia there can be serious consequences. When alcohol is involved those consequences can be even worse. Knowing all of the factors that are in play when an alcohol-related accident occurs is very important for any one who has been in such an accident.

West Virginia residents could be injured by defective product

West Virginia residents that buy toys might take a special interest in a toy that was recently recalled because of a defective product. Typically when a consumer buys a product, especially for children, they do so with the comfort that it is safe for the child to play with. The defective product recall involves a toy helicopter sold at Toys 'R' Us.

Three-car crash leaves four people injured, one serious

When a serious car wreck occurs in West Virginia a person should be aware of his her legal rights. An experienced attorney can work to find out all of the details of the crash and cover every angle that may have played a role in the accident.

West Virginia drivers may be victims of apparent auto defect

West Virginia auto owners may keep up with the latest recalls involving their vehicles. Recently, there have been several recalls due to an auto defect. Although many have been published and discussed, one company is making headlines nationwide for having the most recalls. Chrysler's latest auto defect recall involves close to a million vehicles.

Man trying to play peacemaker in fight ends up with brain injury

When a person in West Virginia suffers any kind of brain injury the results can be devastating. Most brain injuries could be prevented. In fact, many times brain injuries occur due to negligence or recklessness. When someone acts irresponsibly and causes another person to be seriously injured that person may be held legally responsible for his or her actions.

Defective product recall issued for Cracker Barrel butterfly lamp

Consumer safety is often a priority for many companies across the country, and it's definitely important to those West Virginia residents who purchase household products. Unfortunately, however, companies still release dangerous items that make their way onto store shelves and then into the homes of unsuspecting consumers. This problem can sometimes result in a defective product being recalled and refunds being made available to those who purchased it. This does not always save people from being injured by these dangerous products and could result in a personal injury claim being filed.

West Virginia residents could be interested in auto defect recall

When a person realizes they have been the victim of an auto defect it can be a frustrating and expensive experience. In the most extreme cases, it can be life threatening. West Virginia residents may be interested to read about a recent woman's ordeal involving an auto defect with her BMW.

Two people dead after accident involving two semi-trucks

Any auto accident can be serious, but when a semi-truck, or other larger commercial vehicle is involved, there is an increased chance of serious injury or death to those involved. Sometimes truck accidents in West Virginia are caused because of carelessness, but it may not be just the driver who is at fault. Anytime an accident involving a truck occurs there are many parties who could be held responsible.

8 Men Severely Injured in a fire at a natural gas drilling site

For many workers, unsafe work conditions are far too common. While the oil and gas industry in WV is currently seeing a surge in production, companies are all too often cutting corners on safety for the sake of profit.

West Virginia residents could fall victim to a defective product

West Virginia residents that have been the victim of a defective product are probably aware of the injury and expense that can result. A defective product can be a hazard to anyone using it and sometimes to other people around it. A recent story involving a faulty exhaust fan could be of interest to residents nationwide.

Fatal car crash in West Virginia still under investigation

Auto accidents are an unfortunate part of life. Although most people try to be responsible and cautious drivers, inevitably accidents still occur all over the country including in West Virginia. Sometimes these car accidents can even involve death or serious injury and can change a person’s life forever.

Man working to recover from brain injuries after ballpark fight

There are probably many people in Charleston who enjoy a trip to the ballpark for a baseball game. Although fans can get a little rowdy at times, most games take place without incident in the stands. However, if someone loses their cool and decides to act in a violent or careless manner, then he or she could be held legally responsible for any accidents or injuries that occur.

West Virginia Jeep owners may be following auto defect story

When a West Virginia driver purchases an automobile they usually do so with the confidence that the manufacturer has done everything possible to prevent an auto defect. At times, companies can realize a mistake was made and announce a recall. However, a recent recall request because of an auto defect involving a variety of Jeeps manufactured by Chrysler has made headlines nationwide because the company allegedly is not cooperating with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Woman in critical condition after being hit by SUV

Auto accidents are never a good thing, especially when they involve injuries or fatalities. Unfortunately, sometimes drivers in Charleston are not as cautious as they should be and that can lead to accidents. Car accidents can cause serious injuries, but they can be even worse for those close by who are not in a vehicle.

West Virginia residents: Affected by defective product?

West Virginia residents may be aware of the dangers of a defective product. When a consumer purchases something, they probably do so with the confidence that it has been tested and is being sold as a safe product. Recently, Ross Stores have come under attack for selling certain children's clothing that the company was believed to have known was a defective product.

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