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Dangerous household product may impact West Virginia residents

| Jul 31, 2013 | Uncategorized

A dangerous household product can present problems of many different magnitudes. While companies at times attempt to recall a product, usually by the time they do so damage has already been reported. West Virginia residents may want to be aware of a recalled dangerous household product, a dehumidifier.

This dehumidifier, which is made by Kenmore, has been linked to several fires that resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage. One severe burn to an owner’s foot was also reported. There have also been over 100 reported issues with the product, including smoke inhalation as an injury. 

According to reports, 800,000 of these dehumidifiers have been sold and five different models were listed. When people buy a household item such as a dehumidifier, they typically do so with the confidence they are buying a trusted brand. With an item such as this that is most often used in a damp basement removed from the rest of the house, a fire can cause serious damage before the resident knows what is going on.

Any West Virginia resident who feels they have been the victim of a dangerous household product may want to look into the possibility of filing a civil suit under the applicable state laws. Even if a recall is in place, a person still may be entitled to monetary compensation, especially if the product had not been recalled at the time of their injury or loss. An injury or loss of a home can cause financial devastation for a victim. With the appropriate knowledge, a person can be more hopeful that they can receive restitution for any injuries they have suffered.

Source:, “Sears Re-Announces Recall Of Dehumidifiers Because No One Prefers Fires Over Humidity,” Mary Beth Quirk, July 17, 2013