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Federal grant awarded to West Virginia for driver education

| Jul 31, 2013 | Car Accidents

Highway safety is a priority for West Virginia’s legislators. The possibility of an injury accident from distracted, reckless, or negligent drivers puts citizens at risk every time they venture out onto the state’s streets and highways. This is especially true in our high tech society where many people own a smart phone and cannot resist texting or connecting to the internet while driving. It takes a distracted driver only seconds to cause a car collision by not paying attention. Moreover, many people fail to use their seat belts or properly strap their children into child safety seats. It is a terrible tragedy when people suffer broken bones, internal injuries, or a brain injury in a car accident that could easily have been prevented by a driver who just took a few extra minutes to observe the rules of the road or utilize common sense precautions.

West Virginia’s two senators have announced that the state has received over $600,000 in federal grant money which will be used to remind and educate West Virginia drivers about driver safety issues. The money comes from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The senators plan to use the funds to prompt citizens to fasten seat belts and properly place children in car seats with appropriate restraints. There will also be education projects to fight distracted drivers who might be tempted to engage in texting and driving.

The senators are hopeful that the programs will cut down on auto accidents in order to make the state’s roads safer for locals and tourists to West Virginia. They make the point that the investment is worthwhile if even one person can avoid death or serious injury from a motor vehicle accident.

Source: The Exponent Telegram, “Rockefeller, Manchin announce significant highway safety investment in West Virginia,” July 25, 2013