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Man trying to play peacemaker in fight ends up with brain injury

| Jul 17, 2013 | Brain Injuries

When a person in West Virginia suffers any kind of brain injury the results can be devastating. Most brain injuries could be prevented. In fact, many times brain injuries occur due to negligence or recklessness. When someone acts irresponsibly and causes another person to be seriously injured that person may be held legally responsible for his or her actions.

A college professor is struggling to speak after he tried to play the peacemaker in an altercation near the school where he taught. Five people could be charged with assault or criminal assistance stemming from the altercation. According to video surveillance recordings at the site of the incident, the man stepped into the middle of the altercation trying to stop it from escalating. He was hurt after losing consciousness and ended up suffering a serious brain injury.

It has not been reported what ignited the altercation in the first place, although one report did indicate that a friend of the injured man did start the fight. According to reports, prosecutors are still weighing their options as far as charges are concerned. The injured man has made improvements, but he continues to participate in physical and speech therapy.

When an incident like this occurs and someone suffers a serious head injury it can alter his or her life forever. The consequences can include balance, speech, vision, mobility and cognitive function, among other things. If someone has been the victim of a head injury due to someone else’s actions he or she or his or her loved ones might want to speak with a head trauma lawyer.

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