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Man working to recover from brain injuries after ballpark fight

| Jul 7, 2013 | Brain Injuries

There are probably many people in Charleston who enjoy a trip to the ballpark for a baseball game. Although fans can get a little rowdy at times, most games take place without incident in the stands. However, if someone loses their cool and decides to act in a violent or careless manner, then he or she could be held legally responsible for any accidents or injuries that occur.

A 25-year old man is spending his days in rehabilitation, still fighting to relearn how to speak, after he suffered a brain injury during an incident at a Major League ballpark, recently. According to authorities, the man was involved in an altercation involving two other men who allegedly punched him in the head causing him to fall and land on his head.

The men who were allegedly behind the attack have been charged with assault and disorderly conduct. The victim’s family is reportedly considering a lawsuit. The victim was knocked out after the fall and upon arriving at the hospital doctors discovered internal bleeding in his head. The man is now recovering from emergency brain surgery and is ready to undergo rehabilitation therapy.

If these two men are found guilty of attacking the victim a court could hold them responsible for his injuries, pain and suffering. The victim could be entitled to just compensation for everything he has either lost or suffered because of his injuries. If a person is hurt because of someone else’s belligerent actions then he or she might want to speak with a personal injury attorney.

Source: The Washington Times, “Trip to Baltimore ballpark leads to serious injuries after fans fight,” Meredith Somers, June 17, 2013.