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Two people dead after accident involving two semi-trucks

| Jul 12, 2013 | Truck Accidents

Any auto accident can be serious, but when a semi-truck, or other larger commercial vehicle is involved, there is an increased chance of serious injury or death to those involved. Sometimes truck accidents in West Virginia are caused because of carelessness, but it may not be just the driver who is at fault. Anytime an accident involving a truck occurs there are many parties who could be held responsible.

Two semi-trucks and a Dodge Ram pickup were involved in an accident recently that left two people dead and another injured. The accident happened when a Mac Water Truck struck the pickup that was carrying two people, a female driver and a teenage girl, both of whom died at the scene. Immediately following the first collision, the water truck also hit a tanker truck that was traveling just behind the pickup.

Investigators continue to gather information as they try to determine what caused the incident. It is not known at this point if the driver of the water truck was distracted or if something in his vehicle malfunctioned which caused him to collide with the pickup.

If it’s discovered that the driver of the water truck acted carelessly or with negligence then both he and the company he works for could be held responsible. It’s also possible that the owner or maker of the truck or trailer could be held accountable as well. In these types of accidents there are many legal factors one should understand. That’s why speaking with a truck accident attorney may be a good idea.

Source: Parkersburg News and Sentinel, “Auto accident leaves two dead in Ritchie,” June 23, 2013.