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West Virginia drivers may be victims of apparent auto defect

| Jul 17, 2013 | Auto Defects

West Virginia auto owners may keep up with the latest recalls involving their vehicles. Recently, there have been several recalls due to an auto defect. Although many have been published and discussed, one company is making headlines nationwide for having the most recalls. Chrysler’s latest auto defect recall involves close to a million vehicles.

Faulty head rests as well as faulty air bags were listed as the reason for the recall. A possible faulty microchip was listed as the source of the problem. This particular recall involves five different Chrysler made products. This is the 12th recall Chrysler has issued just since June of this year. At the present time only minor injuries had been reported.

Serious injury or even deaths are both concerns when a product is recalled. When a driver purchases a vehicle it is typically with the understanding that it has been inspected and all components have been found to be safe. Some drivers base their purchase on previous safety reviews and reliability. Having multiple recalls can affect a company’s sales.

Any West Virginia resident that feels they have been the victim of an injury due to an auto defect may want to look into their rights under the state law to see if a civil suit is warranted. When a company fails to provide a safe product, they could potentially be found liable. By having an understanding of the law, a person can know the best way to proceed with any potential case they may have.

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