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West Virginia residents could be interested in auto defect recall

| Jul 12, 2013 | Auto Defects

When a person realizes they have been the victim of an auto defect it can be a frustrating and expensive experience. In the most extreme cases, it can be life threatening. West Virginia residents may be interested to read about a recent woman’s ordeal involving an auto defect with her BMW.

The woman’s vehicle just completely died. She stated she could not get anything to work, including the door locks. After having to have the vehicle towed to a BMW dealership, mechanics informed her that the problem was a part in the fuse box that had melted. The woman showed her concern that the problem could have been a fire hazard and her car could have caught on fire. She paid for the repairs that equaled almost $1,000 only to receive a recall notice from BMW four months later for the same problem.

At that time she attempted to receive a reimbursement from the company, but didn’t make any progress. While the company gave her several steps to follow, including proving she had the repairs made at an authorized dealership and providing proof of payment, she still didn’t receive reimbursement. It was only after contacting a local media outlet that the woman was able to receive the reimbursement she was owed. Many drivers can find themselves in the same frustrating situation when trying to resolve an issue with an auto maker.

Any West Virginia resident that feels they have been a victim of an auto defect may want to look into their rights to file a civil suit against the auto maker. Whether the person is in a similar situation and can’t receive reimbursement or a crash or injury has occurred as a result, a person could benefit from knowing their rights under the state laws. By having an understanding of their rights, a person can be more hopeful their situation can be resolved.

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