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After ambulance accident, man suing city of Charleston

| Aug 19, 2013 | Car Accidents

When someone is injured in a car accident in West Virginia, it is natural for that person to want to hold the liable party accountable for their injuries. In most cases, of course, this is an individual, private driver whose insurance may or may not cover the costs incurred. In some instances, however, the defendant in a case might not be an individual person but an entity — such as the city of Charleston.

This is the situation unfolding now for a man who was injured in a 2011 auto accident. The man was being transported in an ambulance operated by the city fire department. It was not an emergency situation and the vehicle’s emergency sirens and flashing lights were not activated; however, the driver of the ambulance lost control of the vehicle and rear-ended another vehicle.

The man who was hurt suffered multiple injuries, some of which he says are severe. He also says he incurred medical expenses from having those injuries treated. As a result, he is suing the city for damages, saying that it is liable for the accident.

There are many factors that need to be evaluated after a car accident, even a relatively straightforward one involving only private vehicles. The degree of difficulty is increased in a case such as this, where the vehicle involved was owned by a municipality and the driver of that vehicle was an employee conducting his work duties. Complicated situations might best be handled by an experienced personal injury attorney.

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