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Authorities charge man with DUI in fatal car accident

| Aug 8, 2013 | Car Accidents

The statistics of drunk driving are well documented. In most car accidents involving alcohol the person who is actually drunk walks away uninjured. Unfortunately, those who are hurt or even killed are usually innocent bystanders. When someone in the Charleston area is hurt in a car accident involving a drunk driver he or she may be entitled to receive compensation.

A 23-year-old West Virginia man has been arrested and charged with DUI after allegedly crashing his car into a house. As a result of the crash a 30-year-old woman inside the home was killed, while her 38-year-old boyfriend was left with serious injuries. The driver of the vehicle has been charged with DUI causing death and DUI causing injuries.

Authorities say the driver was intoxicated when he lost control of his vehicle and slammed it into the home where several people were sleeping. He was not injured. The man who was sleeping inside the home suffered several serious injuries, including a broken back and bruised lungs. “If he wouldn’t have been drinking, this death wouldn’t be here,” the injured man’s brother said. “My brother would not be in the shape he is in.”

When a person is killed or hurt because someone has decided to get behind the wheel of a vehicle while driving under the influence of alcohol he or she may want to speak with a lawyer. In a case like this, an experienced car accident attorney may be able to help the man who was injured, or the family of the woman who was killed, receive fair compensation.

Source: WCHS, “Driver charged after car crash into home, kills one, injures another,” Dan Matics, July 18, 2013