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Collision under investigation after cruiser hits bicycle

| Aug 21, 2013 | Spinal Cord Injuries

Auto collisions are never a good thing. When a collision involves a vehicle and a bicycle it can be even worse. If someone in the Charleston are suffers disabling injuries from a collision they should understand how the law works in these types of accidents. They should also be aware that they might be entitled to compensation.

A car accident involving a police cruiser and a bicycle, which left one person dead and another one seriously injured is still under investigation. The accident occurred when two officers traveling in their patrol vehicle began chasing a dirt bike. According to a witness, the police vehicle allegedly willfully rammed the bike from behind. 

As a result of the collision, the bike’s driver was killed. Meantime, the young man who was a passenger on the bike was thrown into the air and suffered disabling injuries. The man has now filed a lawsuit against the police department for his injuries. The injured man’s family members say that he now has difficulty communicating and moving and that he has not been the same since.

If a court finds that the officers in the police cruiser acted recklessly they may be ordered to compensate the injured man. When someone suffers serious injuries due to an auto accident he or she might want to speak with a personal injury lawyer. An attorney can work hard to preserve evidence and track down witnesses as they build a case to help an injured person receive a fair trial and the fair amount of compensation.

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