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West Virginia drivers may be interested in latest auto defect

| Aug 7, 2013 | Auto Defects

West Virginia drivers may be aware of the potential risks when purchasing a vehicle. An auto defect is a dangerous possibility for any driver. A recent lawsuit involving Ford vehicles has made headlines because of an auto defect.

The lawsuit centers around a touch screen system that has failed many owners. The paperwork filed states that Ford was in fact aware of the issues before the system was put into place but used it anyway. Ford has said they took steps to improve customer satisfaction by extending the warranty and promised that an upgrade to the software would indeed solve the problem.

Vehicle owners do not feel the upgrade worked. The suit claims the product is not only a safety risk but is a major inconvenience as well. The system controls items such as navigation, hands free voice activation controls, MP3 connection, and in some models the backup camera. Without these items and no backup in place, a person can be not only inconvenienced, but feel they are in danger as well.

Any West Virginia resident that believes they have been the victim of an auto defect may benefit from knowing the applicable laws in their state. Although recalls are put in place to protect the consumer, a person can be affected before the recall goes into place causing injury or undue stress. By knowing one’s rights they can determine the best way to move forward with any action that may be deemed appropriate and be more hopeful for a positive outcome.

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