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West Virginia Ford owners may be impacted by auto defect

| Aug 13, 2013 | Auto Defects

An auto defect can cause serious injury and even death. West Virginia residents that own a Ford product may be following the recalls that have recently been in the headlines. A settlement that was the result of an auto defect has cost Ford $17.35 million.

One year ago, Ford issued a recall for over 420,000 vehicles because of an issue with the gas pedal. It was determined the pedal could stay pushed in even after the driver had removed their foot which could cause a crash or serious injury. The recall involved mostly older vehicles including 2001 through 2004 models.

The US auto safety regulators determined that Ford did not inform their consumers in a timely manner. While it was reported there isn’t a known number of related deaths because of the late recall, it was suggested deaths could have been preventable had the recall happened sooner. This is the largest settlement amount to date. Since Ford agreed to settle, they are not admitting fault.

Any West Virginia resident that feels they have been the victim of an auto defect may want to look into their rights under the state law. As is evident by this case, just because a company issues a recall doesn’t mean they did so in an appropriate or timely manner. Fault could still come into play should the company be found to have been negligent. When a person receives an injury due to a defect, it can be a costly expense. With the right knowledge, a person can be more hopeful that some of their monetary losses can be regained.

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