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September 2013 Archives

Charleston woman seeks compensation for husband's brain injury

One of the most complicated injuries that a person can experience is brain trauma. The reason for this is that unlike other injuries, which respond to the same treatments, a brain injury does not because different parts of the brain can elicit different symptoms. This makes it difficult because the brain damage that a person experiences could be temporary or permanent and often, no two brain injuries are alike.

4 injured in dual motorcycle accident

Motorcycles are extremely popular in Charleston and it is common to see these two-wheeled machines cruising along quiet neighborhoods or along the Kanawha River. However, when a distracted driver, or another motorcycle rider, fails to see a motorcycle, a collision can occur. Due to the fact that a biker has little protection, aside from the clothing or helmet that he or she is wearing, injuries can include broken bones, head injuries, or even damage to the spinal cord, resulting in permanent paralysis.

Defective product recalls expose dangers for West Virginia users

First it was an antipsychotic treatment, and then it was infant liquid Motrin. The question is when will all the Johnson & Johnson defective product recalls come to an end? In the life of the company, it has received plenty of negative press due to defective product allegations and lawsuits. West Virginia residents may wonder what the company will announce next.

Case finally settled for West Virginia defective sporting goods

Men and women frequently use bows and arrows for hunting and target practice. Serious injuries can occur when the products that people buy are defective and potentially dangerous. A defective sporting goods case in West Virginia was recently settled. As a result of the agreement between the parties, the pending federal court action was formally dismissed.

More middle-aged Americans have defective medical device issues

The human body is an amazing work of art with its carefully designed structure and processes that allow people to live their lives comfortably for many years. On the other hand, the human body is also fragile and will eventually begin to break down, which prevents many people in West Virginia from enjoying certain physical activities that they used to when they were younger. This is where medical technology comes in, which has allowed people to literally replace broken parts of their body through medical implants. However, problems arise when a defective medical device does not function properly.

West Virginia children see their toys become a defective product

Toys are given to children with the confidence that they have been created, tested and approved for safety before ever having reached the check out stand. The fear and anger a parent may feel accompanying a childhood injury from a toy can be the stepping stones to the pursuance of product liability. When West Virginia children see their toys become a defective product, adults may feel compelled to take action.

Auto defect can lead to injury or death in West Virginia

When a person's vehicle isn't working properly in West Virginia, they feel helpless: They can't get to work or get to the grocery store very easily without having to depend on someone else. That's why when they purchase a vehicle, they are relying on the company to sell them a dependable product. However, when a vehicle manufacturer has to issue a recall -- not once but twice in one recent case -- due to an auto defect, this can pose a danger to customers and result in injuries or even deaths for which the company is liable.

Fatal dog bite case appealed to West Virginia Supreme Court

There are many people that own dogs in Charlotte and most of these owners act in a responsible manner. However, sometimes dog owners fail to acknowledge that their dogs are overly aggressive and may even dismiss concerns from neighbors. This can lead to a personal injury situation when a person is attacked without provocation by those dogs. If the attack involves several dogs, the victim may even die from their injuries.

Tractor trailer injures pedestrian in Dupont City

Just about anywhere that a person travels around Charleston, it is common to encounter tractor trailers. These big rigs are used to transport goods to local neighborhood grocery stores, to construction sites and to other commercial and private companies. Because these vehicles haul a lot of goods and are often on a time constraint, sometimes errors are made. For example, a truck company may have failed to notice an engine problem or a load may not be secured correctly. When negligence occurs on the part of drivers or their employers, it is not uncommon for someone to get hurt.

Prostheses in West Virginia can cause issues if defective

Prostheses that are not fabricated properly may cause serious medical issues in West Virginia. Even though companies may realize this at some point, by the time they actually issue recalls on their prostheses, they are usually too late: The damage has already been done, or it is on its way to being done, in patients. In a recently filed lawsuit, a hip implant patient claims that the maker of his prosthetic hip failed to test its product adequately, thus leading to a recall of the product.

Dangerous household product: Beef jerky recalled in West Virginia

Being conscious of the food people consume is very important as food-related illnesses can be very serious. Ingesting food that contains an allergen or that has not been properly prepared can cause adverse reactions or possibly even death. There are certain procedures that must be followed when prepackaged foods are being prepared in order to ensure that they are not contaminated, and if contamination has occurred, a simple snack could become a dangerous household product.

Auto defect prompts recall from Ford, West Virginia affected

Being able to rely on personal vehicles is something that every car owner hopes for. People depend on their vehicles in order to get to many important places, and they hope to get there safely. If something goes wrong or has the potential to malfunction, car owners need to be alerted of it immediately in order to hopefully avoid any resulting accidents. However, even if manufacturers are able to alert consumers to an auto defect as soon as they become aware, problems for consumers could have already occurred, and the company responsible could face product liability claims.

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