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4 injured in dual motorcycle accident

| Sep 30, 2013 | Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are extremely popular in Charleston and it is common to see these two-wheeled machines cruising along quiet neighborhoods or along the Kanawha River. However, when a distracted driver, or another motorcycle rider, fails to see a motorcycle, a collision can occur. Due to the fact that a biker has little protection, aside from the clothing or helmet that he or she is wearing, injuries can include broken bones, head injuries, or even damage to the spinal cord, resulting in permanent paralysis.

Four people were transported to a local hospital after their motorcycles collided with each other in Virginia. The motorcycle accident occurred at a highway work zone when one of the bikers failed to notice that the other biker was quickly slowing down for a flagman. As a result, the second motorcycle rear-ended the first one. Each biker had a passenger and all four individuals were wearing helmets.

The Virginia State Police are still investigating the cause of the motorcycle collision and it is unknown whether anyone will be charged. The injuries and condition of the motorcyclists and their passengers was not released, but one of the passengers was flown from the scene.

Any type of motorcycle accident generally results in a number of financial challenges. There may be lost income, medical bills, emergency transport costs, replacement of the motorcycle and ongoing expenses for continued therapy and care. In such cases, the injured parties have the legal right to seek just compensation for these issues. Therefore, they may find it helpful to speak with an experienced attorney about their situation.

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