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Auto defect can lead to injury or death in West Virginia

| Sep 14, 2013 | Auto Defects

When a person’s vehicle isn’t working properly in West Virginia, they feel helpless: They can’t get to work or get to the grocery store very easily without having to depend on someone else. That’s why when they purchase a vehicle, they are relying on the company to sell them a dependable product. However, when a vehicle manufacturer has to issue a recall — not once but twice in one recent case — due to an auto defect, this can pose a danger to customers and result in injuries or even deaths for which the company is liable.

Toyota recently issued a recall on about 800,000 hybrid sedans and crossovers due to a suspension problem. To make matters worse, the company had attempted to fix this issue during a previous recall in 2012, but the issue remains. As a result of the recall, the company plans to tighten the nuts in the vehicles.

In addition, Toyota will apply epoxy to the suspension arms in the lower rear of the vehicles so as to prevent rusting. All of the repairs should be finished by February 2014. Toyota is an example of just one auto company that has had to issue recalls for auto defects in the past several months.

An auto defect can be problematic because if they are not caught or addressed early enough, they can result in debilitating injuries or even in the loss of life. Even if a company has announced a recall to remedy the problem, a customer may have already lost a life or suffered an injury due to a vehicle malfunction. In this case, it is within the person’s rights — or the surviving family of a deceased victim — to seek compensation for damages through a civil claim in West Virginia.

Source: NBC News, Toyota recalls 780,000 cars to fix suspension, Paul A. Eisenstein, Sept. 9, 2013