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Auto defect prompts recall from Ford, West Virginia affected

| Sep 5, 2013 | Auto Defects

Being able to rely on personal vehicles is something that every car owner hopes for. People depend on their vehicles in order to get to many important places, and they hope to get there safely. If something goes wrong or has the potential to malfunction, car owners need to be alerted of it immediately in order to hopefully avoid any resulting accidents. However, even if manufacturers are able to alert consumers to an auto defect as soon as they become aware, problems for consumers could have already occurred, and the company responsible could face product liability claims.

The Ford Motor Company has recently issued a recall in several states, including West Virginia, dealing with three different models of their vehicles. The defect causing concern is that of the steering shaft accumulating rust that could cause the steering in the vehicles the fail. The company has stated they will examine the vehicles that could be affected by this issue and make any necessary repairs and replacements.

Ford has issued several recalls in recent months dealing with other defects concerning some models of their vehicles, including fuel leakage. It was not indicated in the report that any serious injuries had resulted from this latest potential hazard. Though the recall has been issued for approximately 20 states, owners in states that were not specified may still wish to have their vehicle inspected to ensure better safety.

An auto defect can have catastrophic results if the issue is not caught far enough in advance to prevent a serious accident. The safety of vehicles is very important as a manufacturing error could lead to drivers and passengers sustaining severe or even fatal injuries. If a West Virginia resident has been negatively affect due to this safety hazard or other auto defect, they may wish to look into product liability laws to see if they may be entitled to compensation.

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