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Charleston woman seeks compensation for husband’s brain injury

| Sep 30, 2013 | Brain Injuries

One of the most complicated injuries that a person can experience is brain trauma. The reason for this is that unlike other injuries, which respond to the same treatments, a brain injury does not because different parts of the brain can elicit different symptoms. This makes it difficult because the brain damage that a person experiences could be temporary or permanent and often, no two brain injuries are alike.

A Charleston woman’s husband has been placed in a nursing home on a permanent basis after suffering a traumatic brain injury. The injury occurred when the husband was leaving a restroom in Sav-A-Lot, which was located up a set of steps. The husband had been told by store employees that he could use the facility after asking them.

Because of his incapacitated state, the woman is suing the business, asking for compensation to reimburse her for the loss of the companionship of her husband, and other related issues. The woman also has made claims on the behalf of her husband, for his pain, emotional distress, medical expenses, permanent physical impairment and the ongoing costs of the long-term care he requires. The amount of compensation she is asking for is unknown.

When someone suffers from the negligence of a business or person, they have the right to ask that person or business for appropriate compensation. The compensation can help the victim and his or her family deal with the financial challenges that the accident may have caused. Therefore, victims or loved ones should think about discussing their case with a qualified and experienced attorney.

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