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West Virginia children see their toys become a defective product

| Sep 16, 2013 | Dangerous Or Defective Products

Toys are given to children with the confidence that they have been created, tested and approved for safety before ever having reached the check out stand. The fear and anger a parent may feel accompanying a childhood injury from a toy can be the stepping stones to the pursuance of product liability. When West Virginia children see their toys become a defective product, adults may feel compelled to take action.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is a Federal agency that monitors the reliability of products, including children’s toys, and provides guidelines in which to keep the public safe from defective products. Recently, a news report outlined three very common toys that have become dangerous and could cause potential harm, if it has not happened already. It has not been released how many children have been injured, nor how severely from these products.

The toys, which have been sold in West Virginia, include an air pistol that can explode and impale those nearby with sharp plastic shards, a wet-and-grow toy that can cause sever intestinal injuries if ingested and a brand of beads that may cause an obstruction from expansion if swallowed. People who have had a negative experience with any of these products may feel that the toy could potentially be responsible for severe personal disabilities. And investigation may help with assigning liability in the event something has happened.

The disappointment a person can feel when West Virginia children see their toys become a defective product is difficult. Grieving the severe injury a child received from a defective product can be detrimental. If a family has experienced injuries or incurred irreversible damages due to a defective toy, they may be able to pursue restitution for medical expenses, potential developmental delays onset by the injuries and pain and suffering.

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