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West Virginia: Auto defect spurs Harley-Davidson recall

| Oct 18, 2013 | Auto Defects

As many West Virginia residents use their vehicles daily to commute to their desire destinations, the safety of their vehicles is often of the utmost importance. If an auto defect could affect the safety of their automobile, the majority of drivers would want to be made aware of the issue and the steps being taken to correct it. Vehicle manufacturers may wish to issue a recall in order for the defect to be taken care of and to better ensure the safety of their drivers and passengers.

Harley-Davidson Motor Company has recently issued a voluntary recall of some of their motorcycles due to a potentially hazardous concern. The recall affects certain models of Touring motorcycles built between May and October of 2013. The potential problem deals with the clutch system of the bikes and could lead to a rider not being able to slow or stop properly.

Obviously, the problem is causing the manufacturers much concern as the issue could lead to an accident. The company has put out “Do Not Ride” and “Do Not Deliver” notices to customers and dealers, and representatives are also urging customers to contact dealers to have their motorcycles inspected and the needed repairs made. Should repairs be needed, there will be no cost to the owner.

An auto defect can cause serious safety issues as this situation shows. Should a vehicle not have the ability to stop properly, drivers and passengers could become seriously injured. If a West Virginia resident has been injured due to this issue or another production defect, they could possibly be entitled to compensation if the manufacturing company is held liable for the defected product. If an individual is concerned with such a matter, information on relevant state laws dealing with product liability could prove beneficial should they wish to seek compensation.

Source:, Harley-Davidson recalls certain 2014 touring bikes, Katie Delong, Oct. 16, 2013