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Woman warns of potential dangerous household product

| Oct 16, 2013 | Uncategorized

Recently, a woman stated that she wanted to get the word out regarding a terrible addiction that she has been fighting. The woman was speaking of a common, though, -in her words-, dangerous household product. While this woman, and her family, are not residents of West Virginia, the product in question is available throughout the country and according to police reports, the issue is not confined to one location.

The woman has spoken about her addiction to the everyday product that is used to clean electronic devices. She relates how she became addicted to the practice of inhaling the contents of compressed air cans. She tells of repeated episodes of blacking out and negative consequences affecting her social and working life. The woman has shared how dangerous the product can be, in many cases, causing the death of the inhaler.

Police too, have reported the abuse of the product, especially among teenagers. The concerns are that since the product has a reportedly relatively short-term desired effect for the user, this leads to repeated attempts to re-create the euphoric feeling that the person is seeking. The product is apparently safe when used for its intended cleaning purpose, but the danger arises when kids purchase the non-regulated item and then proceed to abuse it.

The story this woman has related concerning her many brushes with the law, as well as car accidents stemming from her misuse of the product, serve as a cautionary tale. While the compressed air item is certainly a legitimate cleaning product for delicate electronics, the potential lethal effects may need to be addressed. If young people are at risk of suffering serious consequences, including death, then some may consider treating this item as a dangerous household product. West Virginia families who have experienced harm from this product, may consider seeking information concerning the possibility of attempting to protect others from the potential harm this product may pose.

Source:, Reformed duster addict describes horrors, Barbara Christiansen, Oct. 13, 2013