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Baby food maker recalls defective product

| Nov 21, 2013 | Dangerous Or Defective Products

A company that has the stated goal of ensuring every baby has safe food now has some explaining to do to angry parents. Parents are upset and concerned about the possibility that the apparently defective product has harmed their children. The baby food producer, Plum Organics, has recently announced a recall for some of its food products. Families in West Virginia could possibly be affected by this baby food recall.

The company has worked in conjunction with the FDA to get the word out about the possibility of children being fed food that may have spoiled. The company is apparently blaming a mistake in the production process that has led to the potential for spoilage. Announcements on the company’s social media site have repeatedly stated that the company is apologetic about the possible illnesses that may have been a result of a child consuming bad food.

Many parents, however, are not consoled by the company’s offer to issue refunds for the spoiled food. Instead, several comments on social media outlets have implied that many children were adversely affected by eating tainted products. Children who have eaten the recalled items have allegedly suffered anything from mild stomach ache to severe intestinal upset.

The company, which was started overseas, has become quite popular with parents who are drawn to the idea of organic food items for their children. Now, however, some parents are vowing to never purchase products from the business in the future. While there have been comments from parents who will continue to support the company in the future, for many others, the possibility of their loved ones suffering potential harm from these or a similar defective product may result in a loss of customers for the business. West Virginia families who may have been adversely affected by this or any potentially harmful product can obtain information concerning what options they may have for ensuring that companies who have produced defective or dangerous items are held accountable for any harm or suffering they may have endured.

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