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Woman injured in West Virginia coal truck accident

| Nov 19, 2013 | Truck Accidents

Coal mining is a major industry in West Virginia, and can be dangerous to people working in the mines and the residents in the path of coal mining operations. Late last month, a woman was injured when she was involved in an accident involving a coal truck. The woman was taking to the hospital, and her injuries were unknown after the accident.

When a car is involved in a truck accident, many times the car and the occupants of that vehicle will sustain much more damage than the large commercial vehicle. People who are injured in truck accidents in West Virginia might be wise to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney.

An attorney can help a person understand how the legal process works. Sometimes after an accident, a victim might be faced with long-term hospitalization, and even more medical needs after they are discharged. A person might quickly find themselves struggling to pay their regular monthly expenses on top of their medical bills.

While a personal injury lawsuit might not be the first thing a person thinks about, they might want to discuss their options before speaking with insurance companies and accepting any money in exchange for signing papers. Signing insurance papers might wave a person’s right to seek compensation in the future.

It is easy for a person to think about the need for money right away. However, if they take a small amount of compensation, they might be unable to seek more after they discover the long-term expenses they might face because of their injury.

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