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Woman sues after joint replacement surgery

| Nov 23, 2013 | Uncategorized

As the human body ages, the natural deterioration of the body’s joints can lead to a great deal of pain and mobility issues. Many West Virginia residents turn to joint replacement as a means of regaining the mobility within their joints. This type of surgical procedure has come a long way in recent years, and a successful surgery can make a world of difference to patients who suffer from this type of orthopaedic issue.

However, when the surgery is not properly conducted or the device itself fails, patients can be left with even greater pain than they experienced before the procedure. Such is the case for one woman who recently filed a lawsuit concerning a defective artificial hip device. As this matter moves through the legal process, the woman has had to undergo a second surgery to replace the defective product.

The original surgery took place six years prior to the current lawsuit. The woman later received a recall notice stating that certain products from the manufacturer of her hip replacement device were subject to recall, and advising her to see her doctor. She followed up with an MRI, but was told that there were no problems with the device. This year, however, she began experiencing pain in her right leg, and subsequently tested at high levels for metal within her bloodstream.

Eventually, it was determined that the device was shedding metal within the woman’s body as the metal-on-metal parts of the replacement hip began to deteriorate. As a result, she is now suing the manufacturers of the joint replacement device. She is seeking damages for medical costs, pain and suffering, lost wages and earning capacity and scarring, among other claims. As this matter moves through the legal process, it is hoped that patients in West Virginia and elsewhere who have experienced similar medical device failures come forward to rectify their own circumstances.

Source: The Pennsylvania Record, DePuy, J&J named in defective artificial hip products liability complaint, Jon Campisi A, Nov. 20, 2013