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Are selfies the newest distraction for West Virginia drivers

| Dec 11, 2013 | Car Accidents

For people who are into social media and the latest technology trends, selfies are the newest trend in social communications. Many people take pictures of themselves as a way of telling friends what they are up to. They might send the picture in a text message or even post the picture to social media websites.

Now, just as texting and talking on cell phones have caused hazards for people while driving, taking selfies while driving is occurring more frequently, and might result in increased car accidents. Many states are moving to bad various uses of smart phones while driving. Regardless of what state a person is from negligence while driving can cause car accidents and is likely illegal.

According to a report on the increase in selfies while driving, if a person takes their eyes off the road for just two seconds, they double their risk of being involved in a car accident. People in West Virginia should work to prevent car accidents by putting their phones out of reach and resisting the need to instantly update their friends on their activities.

People who aren’t paying attention while driving can cause injuries to themselves and other motorists on the road. Waiting to send a text message or utilize social media can ensure safer roadways. For victims of negligent driving accidents, it is important to understand their rights and ensure they receive compensation for any injuries that they might have. Compensation can pay for medical expenses and lost wages that resulted from the accident.

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