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Case of student hit by falling archery targets dismissed

| Dec 28, 2013 | Brain Injuries

Three years after a student at Hurricane High School sitting at his desk was struck by a stack of archery targets, his parents’ lawsuit regarding the incident has been settled and dismissed. The boy’s parents had sued the board of education in Putnam County, West Virginia. They contended that storing the targets in the classroom where they could fall on a student was negligent. They also argued that students near the targets should have been supervised. Reportedly another student was leaning on the targets when they fell on the victim. After mediation, the case was dismissed with prejudice.

According to the lawsuit, the young man suffered a “traumatic brain injury” when the targets hit him and in turn caused his head to hit his desk. His parents say that these “dual blows” rendered him unconscious and caused him to have an “altered state of consciousness” for some time after that. The parents were asking for a variety of damages due to the effects of the injury on their son. They asserted that he has suffered “permanent and life altering cognitive and emotional deficits” due to the incident. They also said that his ability to learn and eventually hold a job have been impacted by the brain injury.

No details were reported regarding why the case was dismissed, nor why a stack of archery targets was stored in a classroom so close to students’ desks. Despite the outcome of this case, victims of accidents that could and should have been preventable have every right to go through the legal system to seek damages – particularly when the injuries have lifelong consequences, as this one apparently does.

Source: West Virginia Record, “Lawsuit alleging archery targets knocked Hurricane High student’s head into desk settled” Kyla Asbury, Dec. 19, 2013