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Woman sues company after West Virginia car accident

| Dec 9, 2013 | Car Accidents

When someone doesn’t pay attention while driving, they not only put themselves at risk of being in a car accident, but they put others at risk of injury or death. Driving can be one of the most dangerous things we do everyday.

It is important that people devote their entire attention to driving while behind the wheel. Sometimes a person can be distracted, especially at stop signs. This can result in car accidents at intersections like one that happened in West Virginia last year. In that accident a worker driving a utility truck for JLK Incorporated attempted to turn onto a highway, but didn’t yield to oncoming traffic.

A woman who was driving on the highway tried to avoid hitting the utility truck, but wasn’t able to prevent an accident. She went to the emergency room after the accident and was discharged, but still suffers from debilitating pain, according to a lawsuit she recently filed.

The woman said that she has not been able to return to her dream job and has been suffering from extreme pain since the accident and can’t stand, walk or bend her neck unless she has assistance.

After a car accident people can often suffer from debilitating injuries. Although a person want’s to return to their job, they might be unable to because of pain. It is important that people are able to receive compensation for the economic loss they suffer because of another person’s negligence. Speaking with a West Virginia attorney after an accident might be able to help.

Source: The West Virginia Record, “Woman says car accident kept her from dream job,” Kyla Asbury, Dec. 6, 2013