Suit: West Virginia Trucker Made Illegal U-Turn, Caused Crash

 | Dec 16, 2013 | Truck Accidents

A West Virginia couple has filed a lawsuit against a trucking company after they claim a truck driver made an illegal U-turn in front of one of the plaintiffs, resulting in injuries to the driver. The trucking company, Paschall Truck Lines Inc., and the driver of the truck were named as defendants in the lawsuit, as well as six other unknown individuals.

When a company hires a driver, they should ensure that the driver understands all of the rules of the road, and is a responsible driver. Companies should also be held accountable when their drivers cause injuries to others on the road.

In this case, an illegal U-turn might be the cause of the accident. If the truck driver did make an illegal U-turn, they might be considered negligent. Many times signs are put up in medians advising drivers that it is illegal to make a U-turn in a certain spot. If a driver makes a U-turn, they might not only be violating the law, but they could be putting other drivers at risk of injury.

The man is suing the trucking company for compensation. The victim says he had pain and suffering, and has lost his ability to work for future earnings and incurred medical expenses among other things. His wife is also suing for loss of consortium. This means a person lost benefits from a relationship with another person. When a person causes a truck accident in West Virginia, they not only affect the victim but also the family of that victim.

Source: The West Virginia Record, “Couple blame Paschall Truck Lines for accident,” Kyla Asbury, Dec. 13, 2013


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