Dangerous Household Product: Beef Jerky Recalled in West Virginia

 | Sep 7, 2013 | Uncategorized

Being conscious of the food people consume is very important as food-related illnesses can be very serious. Ingesting food that contains an allergen or that has not been properly prepared can cause adverse reactions or possibly even death. There are certain procedures that must be followed when prepackaged foods are being prepared in order to ensure that they are not contaminated, and if contamination has occurred, a simple snack could become a dangerous household product.

Because of such a potential threat, a company in West Virginia is recalling over 100 pounds of beef jerky. The product was found to have been improperly processed before being sent to retailers. The jerky was reportedly not prepared at the proper temperature that would ensure that consumers would not become ill after ingesting the product.

The error was found during a routine inspection being done by the Food Safety and Inspection Service. At this time there have not been any reported illnesses linked to the consumption of the beef jerky. Steps are being taken to ensure that customers are aware of the recall and that the affected items are being removed from consumer access.

When a person becomes ill after consuming improperly prepared food, it can take a significant amount of time to recover. Depending on the severity of the issue, a person could even become fatally ill if they consumed contaminated food. If a person believes they have become ill or know someone who may have died from consuming a dangerous household product, information on West Virginia product liability laws may be beneficial in determining if they could receive reparations.

Source: magicvalley.com, Lone Star Western Beef Recalls Beef Jerky, No author, Aug. 31, 2013


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