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Making Memories in the Snow

| Jan 24, 2014 | Uncategorized


As the weekend fast approaches so does the snow filled forecast. Some will stay bundled up around the fireplace in their home and some will take the kids out for a fun snowball fight. As a child, my siblings and I would spend what seemed like hours outside playing in the snow. Mom would yell out the front door every now and then to make sure we weren’t frozen but for the most part let us play until we couldn’t stand the cold any longer. Oh how the memories make me smile when I think back of the snow forts we built with the neighborhood kids and the awesome snow ball battles we would have.

Things sure have changed since I was a kid. Now as a parent, I worry about my kids getting frost bitten or even injured while sledding down the hill. Although I realize I survived all the outdoor fun as a child, I still tend to worry as a mother about their safety while outside in cold temperatures. But when I see the smiles on my children’s face as they sled down a hill or make snow angels, all that worry goes out the window. It is times like this that brings back my very own childhood memories and all the fun I had playing outside in the snow.


A snowy forecast to some means treacherous roads and inconvenience. But for me, I cherish some of my fondest memories playing in the snow and now watching my children do the same. Enjoy your weekend…make some memories with the kids and don’t forget your camera!