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Teen holds adults accountable for texting and driving

| Jan 24, 2014 | Car Accidents

There is no debate that texting and driving is a hazardous activity. People who text and drive are often not paying attention to the cars around them. However, one girl in another state is working to get the attention of people off of their phones and back on the road.

When she is a passenger in a vehicle, she brings along a sign with her that scolds people who she sees texting and driving. She says many times people just nod at her and recognize that what they are doing is dangerous. While it might not turn into a wider campaign, this teenager is making a difference.

People often don’t realize that they are playing with more than just their own life then they choose to be distracted while behind the wheel. They cause car accidents in West Virginia that put other people’s lives at risk, too.

For people who are injured by a distracted driver, it might be difficult to understand how another person could be so reckless and why it is costing a victim thousands of dollars in medical expenses. Speaking with an experienced West Virginia attorney can ensure a victim doesn’t have to pay because of a texting driver.

It is important that people understand the total cost associated with their injuries. Attorneys can help estimate expenses over the course of a person’s life to ensure that they are fairly compensated. Often insurance companies will offer much less than what should be provided to cover future medical expenses. 

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