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Victims involved in West Virginia crash remain hospitalized

| Jan 8, 2014 | Car Accidents

Two vehicles were involved in a car accident over the weekend in Kanawha County. According to a report on the crash, one of the vehicles was overturned and one victim was ejected from the vehicle. One of the victims was in critical condition in the hospital and the other victim remained in the hospital but suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

While the cause of the crash is unknown, the impact of any crash can hit close to home. When someone suffers serious injuries in a crash, they might not know what to do. An experienced personal injury attorney in West Virginia can guide victims and families through the legal process.

Many people who are injured might not believe that they need to take legal action. However, sometimes after an accident, victims are left with nothing except large medical bills. These bills can be too much for a person to handle, resulting in severe financial hardship.

If an accident is caused by another person’s negligence, a victim might want to seek compensation to pay for their medical expenses. Although insurance might be able to help cover some of the costs of medical procedures and hospital stays, medical problems can last years, resulting in additional expenses.

People in West Virginia who are injured might want to speak with an attorney. Victims might be able to receive compensation from the person that caused the crash as well as any insurance companies involved. While a lawsuit might not be a person’s first thought after an accident, it might help them ensure their financial stability.

Source: WOWK, “UPDATE: Victims’ conditions released following I-77 crash in Kanawha County, WV,” Lucas Hannon, Jan. 5, 2013