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February 2014 Archives

NuvaRing, a defective medical device, can cause blood clots

For consumers in West Virginia, and throughout the country, family planning is important. Many individuals rely on a contraceptive device or pill when it comes to getting pregnant -- or not getting pregnant. Patients put their faith in manufacturers that create these contraceptive devices, such as NuvaRing, and expect them to provide adequate contraception while being safe for use. Unfortunately for many consumers, including one Olympic hopeful, NuvaRing allegedly failed to provide the necessary standard of care and is now the subject of numerous products liability lawsuits that deem it a defective medical device.

Teen suffers traumatic brain injury following trampoline fall

What begins as an enjoyable day with friends can quickly turn into a life-and-death situation. This is particularly true in an entertainment facility such as an indoor trampoline park in West Virginia or elsewhere, where one mishap can end up causing life altering consequences. One family in an out-of-state case is facing this situation after a teenage boy suffered a traumatic brain injury resulting from an accident with a trampoline.

West Virginia car wreck results in personal injury lawsuit

Life may seem normal one minute and be drastically altered in the next by a car accident in West Virginia. Even if one individual is trying to abide by the rules of the road and remains vigilant behind the wheel, other drivers unfortunately may not be following the rules of the road. Sadly, a resulting car wreck could lead to incapacitating injuries that significantly impair one's quality of life.

Teething toys deemed as defective product per recent recall

When West Virginia parents purchase a product or toy for their children, they expect that it will be safe and benefit the child in one way or another. No parent honestly expects for a toy to harm their child. Unfortunately, a defective product recall for a popular teething toy may have parents all over the country concerned with the safety of their small children.

Brain injury may have resulted from cancer surgery gone wrong

When a person is battling a terminal illness such as cancer, he or she naturally may feel a range of emotions. For instance, the patient may be afraid of undergoing the required treatment but could even be more scared of losing his or her life as a result of the illness. If the doctor who is charged with treating the illness ends up making matters worse due to carelessness, a West Virginia victim has the right to pursue a medical malpractice claim. In a recent case, one man ended up suffering a brain injury as a result of an alleged botched cancer treatment.

Graco defective product for baby passengers leads to recall

The backseat of a car can carry a variety of odds and ends: a person's groceries, one's work briefcase or even all of the carpool kids. Perhaps the most precious cargo in West Virginia is the one riding in the baby car seat, cooing and reminding you of the joy that comes with being a parent. Parents sometimes assume that the baby's car seat, with its straps and buckles, will be secure on the road, but this is not always the case. One seat by Graco recently was recalled as part of one of the biggest defective product recalls of this type in half a decade.

Car accident involving bus leads to injury in West Virginia

While driving, an individual may primarily be focused on finishing up an important work project or even thinking about the kids' activity schedules. However, having a sudden vehicular collision with a large bus and suffering serious injury in the process can quickly turn a normal day into an emotionally and physically traumatic one. Buses overall are fairly safe modes of transportation, unless the person who is operating a bus fails to exercise care behind the wheel, in which case a car accident can ensue.

Woman files defective medical device suit for Mirena IUD

As Charleston residents are well aware, there are a variety of product recalls by manufacturers. However, there can also be problems with medical devices that have been placed inside the body. A woman from another state believes she received a defective medical device a few years ago.

Jimmy John's allegedly involved in fatal West Virginia car crash

Many people are familiar with Jimmy John's sandwiches, and they also know that the chain sandwich shop proudly claims to have "freaky fast" delivery. One recent delivery in West Virginia turned into a tragic and deadly pedestrian accident. A pedestrian is particularly vulnerable to injury and even death when he or she is involved in a car crash, as they essentially have no protection against the force of moving vehicles.

Car wreck leads to death of 2 in West Virginia

Colliding with another car can be a shocking experience both emotionally and physically. Not only can the impact from the force of the crash cause severe damage to the automobile, but also it can cause grave injuries and death. The surviving family members naturally may struggle with a combination of grief and frustration as they try to figure out the pieces to the fatal puzzle and get answers to their questions related to a recent car wreck in West Virginia.

BeBe Love baby walkers recalled as possible defective product

Many West Virginia residents have no idea how many products are truly recalled each year. In fact, some may not even realize that any products are recalled. Unfortunately, this poses a severe danger to consumers, as a defective product can cause serious harm. Because of this, it is important to keep current with the latest product recalls, such as the BeBe Love baby walkers.

Second leading cause of brain injury is car accidents

Many West Virginia drivers feel lucky to walk away from what could have been a serious or even deadly car accident. They may feel fine at first, but then realize that something is wrong. It is possible to suffer from a traumatic brain injury (TBI) without any outward signs of injury after a crash.

Pelvic mesh defective medical device trial begins in Charleston

Charleston residents likely think of an automotive recall or a toy recall when they hear of a defective product. However, it isn't that uncommon for a defective product to actually be a defective medical device. Just like malfunctioning auto parts and faulty toy pieces, medical devices can result in serious or fatal injury.

Truck accident involving 2 cars leads to injury in West Virginia

Having a run-in with another car while on the road naturally is a startling experience for any driver. However, colliding with a semi-truck may be even more shocking and distressing for the driver. This is because the sheer size of a big rig, which easily towers over cars and many other vehicles, automatically makes it significant threat on the road. Serious injuries may potentially result from a truck accident in West Virginia.

Car accident with pedestrian leads to death in West Virginia

An individual may be going for a walk along the street, eager to reach a particular destination in an effort to get out of the cold and rain. However, the weather might be the least of his or her worries if a vehicle ends up striking the pedestrian in West Virginia. Such a crash can easily cause severe injuries or even death. In this type of situation, surviving family members understandably may feel devastated, and their grief may morph into outright anger if they discover that the driver who reportedly caused the car accident fled the scene of the crash.

Britax issues recall for defective product

Strollers are sometimes used as a means to keep children safe and out of harm's way. When travelling on a sidewalk along a busy road or in the middle of a large crowd, a stroller can ensure that a child is with their parents or caretaker instead of running off. However, West Virginia parents may be troubled to learn that their stroller might not be so safe after all. Recently, reports have rolled in that multiple Britax stroller models are not quite so safe after all and may be, in fact, a defective product.

West Virginia couple die in a fatal car accident

The potential to be involved in a car accident is one of the unfortunate realities of being a motorist. Most drivers do not willfully engage in behavior that may cause hazardous driving conditions for other motorists on the road. Despite the possible causes, fatal car accidents are undoubtedly the most tragic driving-related events. One such accident is the West Virginia car accident that ended with two tragically killed and two others with non-life threatening injuries.

NHTSA receives airbag defect complaints about 2008 Honda Accord

It is quite likely that many West Virginia consumers drive 2008 Honda Accords. These consumers should be aware that there have been complaints about an airbag defect that has caused two reported injuries so far. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has started an investigation into these complaints, which may eventually result in a recall. In the meantime, there may be a possibility for more injuries.

Driving while high leads to higher chance of a car accident

West Virginia readers may be aware that a few states have recently legalized the recreational use of marijuana, which may lead to an increased chance of a car accident. While this law has not passed in the state, it may be beneficial to know how driving while high can lead to a car accident or how it can impact the state's impaired driving laws. In fact, a new study has discovered that out of every ten fatal accidents, one of them involved a high driver.

Playtex defective product in West Virginia

The safety of a child is a parent's first priority. There are recalls every single day for everything from cars to foods. When a baby product is recalled, parents need to take extra care to be sure their child isn't using the defective product. Playtex has issued a recall for more than 1.25 million pacifier clips not just in West Virginia, but nationwide.

Can fish oil help West Virginia brain injury victims recover?

Car accidents in West Virginia are known to potentially cause serious injuries, particularly to the spinal cord and brain. For numerous car accident victims, the recovery process of a brain injury takes years or could result in a permanent disability that they have to live with the rest of their lives. For one boy who simply left his house for a walk and ended up being struck by a vehicle that left the scene, doctors felt as though he would not make it through the night. Luckily, he had parents that would never give up on him.

Lowering car accident rates in West Virginia using technology

The sudden death of a loved one in a car accident can be overwhelming. When it comes as a result of a distracted driver, it can be even more devastating. A West Virginia democrat is taking action to help reduce the distractions from cell phones that can cause such a car accident.

Auto defect could put Toyota drivers in danger

The auto manufacturing giant Toyota has recently admitted to a potential dangerous auto defect in many of their popular Camry cars. It is said the versions with seat heaters may pose a fire danger risk. Specifically, the material is not up to industry standards regarding fire retardation. Despite the auto defect, at this time the manufacturer does not expect to issue a recall on the cars, including those in West Virginia.

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