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BeBe Love baby walkers recalled as possible defective product

| Feb 16, 2014 | Dangerous Or Defective Products

Many West Virginia residents have no idea how many products are truly recalled each year. In fact, some may not even realize that any products are recalled. Unfortunately, this poses a severe danger to consumers, as a defective product can cause serious harm. Because of this, it is important to keep current with the latest product recalls, such as the BeBe Love baby walkers.

Thousands of baby walkers by BeBe Love have recently been recalled. These baby walkers are expected to meet a certain standard of care, and it has been reported that these recalled walkers do not. The recall consists of two different styles of walkers.

One of the styles will reportedly fit through a doorway. Further, it has been reported that this same style has not been developed to stop at a step’s edge. The second style has larger leg openings than it should and can potentially allow a child to slip down so far that his or her head can become trapped.

Consumers are advised to stop using these baby walkers immediately. Serious injury or fatality can result from the use of these walkers. Further, it is important to contact the appropriate personnel at BeBe Love to inform them of the possession of one of these walkers and request the necessary subsequent steps.

For West Virginia consumers who have a baby that has been injured or has died due to one of these BeBe Love walkers, it is important to know that there are legal options available. Somewhere during the design or manufacturing process, these walkers became defective. Therefore, the company can be held responsible for injuries and deaths that occurred as a direct result of the use of their defective product.

Source:, CPSC issues recall of Bebe Love baby walkers, Doug Morris, Feb. 10, 2014