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Britax issues recall for defective product

| Feb 12, 2014 | Dangerous Or Defective Products

Strollers are sometimes used as a means to keep children safe and out of harm’s way. When travelling on a sidewalk along a busy road or in the middle of a large crowd, a stroller can ensure that a child is with their parents or caretaker instead of running off. However, West Virginia parents may be troubled to learn that their stroller might not be so safe after all. Recently, reports have rolled in that multiple Britax stroller models are not quite so safe after all and may be, in fact, a defective product.

Britax has issued a recall for three of its popular models of strollers. Apparently, the folding mechanism for these specific stroller models does not operate as intended due to a problematic hinge. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a warning concerning the strollers, stating that pressing a release button can cause severe injuries.

In total, eight incidents related to the faulty hinge have been reported, the worst being a finger that was partially amputated. Lacerations of the finger were also reported, as well as a broken finger. The models with the apparent defect are reported to have been sold at several retailers, both online and in nationwide retail stores.

Parents may well be upset to learn that the stroller they have been using can cause such serious injuries. The best course of action is to immediately discontinue use of the defective product and contact the company for further instruction. When an injury is sustained due to the use of a defective product, a company may be held liable for the damages. West Virginia residents dealing with injuries due to the use of recalled products such as the Britax stroller may benefit from pursuing a products liability claim, based upon factual evidence that a product was defective in a manner that caused or contributed to injuries suffered through normal use of the product.

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