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Car accident with pedestrian leads to death in West Virginia

| Feb 12, 2014 | Car Accidents

An individual may be going for a walk along the street, eager to reach a particular destination in an effort to get out of the cold and rain. However, the weather might be the least of his or her worries if a vehicle ends up striking the pedestrian in West Virginia. Such a crash can easily cause severe injuries or even death. In this type of situation, surviving family members understandably may feel devastated, and their grief may morph into outright anger if they discover that the driver who reportedly caused the car accident fled the scene of the crash.

This is the scenario that one family in West Virginia is facing. The crash happened when a 34-year-old man was walking on the ramp to Interstate 70 going east. Police discovered that a truck struck him and dragged him hundreds of feet on the ground on a dark, rainy and cold night.

A doctor later found the 34-year-old man on the street, and he reportedly told the doctor that he believed the driver knew he had hit something but fled the scene anyway. The pedestrian died on his way to the hospital. The vehicle that allegedly struck the man may have been a Ford truck, according to police, who continue to look for the driver.

The driver who is believed to have hit the pedestrian and fled from the fatal accident will probably face criminal charges when captured. This individual also may face additional legal issues in the form of a West Virginia wrongful death claim. Pedestrians are especially at risk for critical injuries or death when they are struck in or near a street, as they have no protection against an automobile. The loved ones of the car accident victim reserve the right to seek financial damages, which can cover funeral costs and other losses associated with the tragedy. If the driver is charged with and then convicted of a hit-and-run, proof of this conviction could be offered as evidence to try to establish liability in a related civil court proceeding.

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