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Jimmy John’s allegedly involved in fatal West Virginia car crash

| Feb 20, 2014 | Car Accidents

Many people are familiar with Jimmy John’s sandwiches, and they also know that the chain sandwich shop proudly claims to have “freaky fast” delivery. One recent delivery in West Virginia turned into a tragic and deadly pedestrian accident. A pedestrian is particularly vulnerable to injury and even death when he or she is involved in a car crash, as they essentially have no protection against the force of moving vehicles.

As a result of the West Virginia crash, a woman filed a lawsuit against Jimmy John’s and several others, including an assistant manager at the company, after the assistant manager allegedly killed her father while driving a company delivery truck. At the time of the accident, her father was walking his dog. According to her claim, the assistant manager was driving at an excessive speed and did not watch out for pedestrians.

The assistant manager was reportedly looking at his dashboard when the pedestrian-auto accident took place, police said. The woman who filed the suit said that Jimmy John’s encourages a culture of driving quickly as part of its advertising campaign, which puts the public at risk. She claimed that the assistant manager was driving negligently.

In this situation, the man who is believed to have struck the pedestrian, along with the company he represented, may be held financially liable for the pedestrian’s death in the car crash. The family members of a deceased car accident victim certainly have the right to file a wrongful death claim in such a situation, seeking the reimbursement of monetary damages stemming from the wreck. Competent proof of negligence must be furnished in order for liability to be established in a civil proceeding in West Virginia. Financial restitution from a successfully fought cause can help to cover funeral costs and other losses.

Source: The West Virginia Record, Jimmy John’s ‘Freaky Fast’ promise led to man’s death, suit claims, Chris Dickerson, Feb. 13, 2014