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Playtex defective product in West Virginia

| Feb 5, 2014 | Dangerous Or Defective Products

The safety of a child is a parent’s first priority. There are recalls every single day for everything from cars to foods. When a baby product is recalled, parents need to take extra care to be sure their child isn’t using the defective product. Playtex has issued a recall for more than 1.25 million pacifier clips not just in West Virginia, but nationwide.

Pacifier clips seem harmless enough. They are attached to the baby’s clothing in most cases to keep the pacifier clean and close by when needed. The product in question is made of plastic and has a figure that can be moved to adjust the clip. The pacifier holder has three designs: a monkey, a tow truck, and a flower. Several major retailers carried the product from July 2010 until October 2013.

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has determined that the clip can be a choking hazard if it is to break off or crack. The director of DHHS stated that such choking in an infant can be hazardous and could lead to death. If a parent finds the pacifier clip they are using is the Playtex defective product, they should take immediate action by stopping the use of the product and contacting Playtex regarding a refund.

Keeping track of defective products can be difficult, but there are apps available to help relay recall messages. Registering products can help as well when available. If an infant or toddler has suffered injury from a defective product, West Virginia residents can seek compensation to help with the added expenses that go along with any injury.

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